Are There Controversies Over Corticosteroid Injections?

Corticosteroid injections have long been used to help treat serious or persistent pain that doesn’t seem to go away through other more conservative methods such asTreatments and Pain icing or taking pain relievers. Of course, the minute people hear the word “steroids” it takes them aback. Is it safe to get corticosteroid injections? What are the risks involved? As you may be able to guess, there is a bit of controversy over getting these injections.

One reason there is such controversy around this treatment is that steroids are a pretty powerful medication. While it can certainly help reduce inflammation and pain, particularly in those with joint problems, this treatment has certainly raised a few eyebrows. While cortisone may take away the pain momentarily, this treatment can also cause pain to flare up again afterwards. While this treatment may get rid of your pain with continued use, the pain that arises as a result of the cortisone injection may be enough to keep people from continuing treatment.

Also, it’s believed that cortisone could actually break down tendons and other soft tissues. So if you are dealing with tendon pain, this is certainly not a treatment that you should consider. Those who continue to get corticosteroid injections for pain may find that they develop weak or damaged tendons over time, which can lead to further musculoskeletal problems. This problem may occur regardless of whether the injection was administered in the proper location or not.

So, what might be a better treatment option for someone who is in a considerable amount of musculoskeletal pain? One non-medicinal way to treat your pain and inflammation is through osteopathic medicine. Instead of getting injections, our osteopaths will work with you to create a treatment plan that will reduce pain and swelling without the need for invasive treatments or procedures. Osteopathic manipulation therapy can actually be so effective that it has prevented patients from requiring medicine or even surgery.

People with osteoarthritis, bursitis and other painful joint conditions are often the first to consider cortisone injections. Of course, we can also work with these patients to provide therapeutic manipulation to the musculoskeletal system to improve how the body aligns and functions. It can reduce swelling, increase blood flow to these problem areas, promote faster healing and even improve your overall well-being.

We know that everyone’s circumstances are unique, which is why our osteopaths offer tailored, individualized care to meet your needs. While cortisone injections may end up being the right option for you, why not turn to osteopathic treatment to provide you with gentle, safe and effective care you deserve?


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