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Osteopathic Care For Migraines

Are you part of the 38 million people who suffer from migraines? Anyone who’s experienced a migraine understands the mind-numbing pain and discomfort, the nausea and auras, and the intense sensitivity to lights and sounds. If you are someone who deals with migraines regularly you may find that your professional and social lives are suffering as a result. If so, it might be time to consider osteopathic care to help target your migraines.

While some patients may turn to certain prescription medications to manage their migraines, we know that not everyone’s bodies function the same way or respond the same to different treatments. One medication may work wonderfully for one migraine sufferer but not even begin to scratch the surface of migraine pain for another. This is where osteopathic medicine comes in. Osteopathic care provides a whole-body approach to addressing your migraines.

After all, there are many factors that can trigger a migraine such as diet, hormones, dehydration, and stress. Of course, something we cannot ignore is how tension in our body and issues such as poor posture can also contribute to migraines and headaches.

One of the ways in which an osteopathic physician can reduce migraines is through manipulation therapy, to reduce tension in the neck and back. Our bodies take a lot of abuse every day, especially if we sit hunched over a computer screen more often than not. Poor posture can be a major contributor to migraines.

By improving your posture and correcting certain imbalances within the body through manipulation techniques, we can improve circulation, boost the lymphatic system, and take pressure off the cranial nerves. Furthermore, releasing tension in the soft tissue, muscles, nerves, and joints of the body, reducing muscle spasms and improving movement and function can all go a long way to reducing migraines.

No matter whether you haven’t found a migraine medication that works, you don’t wish to take prescription medication or other treatment options haven’t quelled your migraines, osteopathic medicine can be a fantastic and effective alternative therapy for treating your symptoms without the need for medication or more invasive options.

An osteopath offers a variety of non-invasive and gentle treatment options to reduce your migraine symptoms. Everything from myofascial releases to soft-tissue techniques can be great for correcting issues within the musculoskeletal system that could be contributing to your severe headaches.

Don’t let migraines get the better of you. While they can certainly affect your quality of life, it’s time you fought back. Osteopathic medicine can help.


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