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Have you been diagnosed with sarcoidosis? If you have then you already know that this condition causes swollen, red bumps to develop on organs. While thisSarcoidosis condition can affect just about any system within the body, these bumps often develop on the lungs and skin; fortunately, for many people with this condition, their symptoms will start to go away on their own after a couple months (or even a couple of years). Of course, there are some who deal with chronic forms of sarcoidosis and don’t experience any reprieve from their symptoms.

So, how can an osteopath help you if you have sarcoidosis? It’s no surprise that the development of red bumps on the skin, lungs or other organs can lead to discomfort or even pain. An osteopath can handle pain and a variety of other symptoms and focus on non-medicinal ways to improve you condition and your quality of life. Many people with sarcoidosis find that they suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain. The pain may even be so bad that it radiates to other areas of the body like the legs. This can greatly affect a person’s mobility.

While it might sound odd, an osteopath can greatly improve your symptoms associated with this condition. Through gentle manual techniques we can help to realign the body, improve circulation and blood flow, boost your body’s natural healing response, reduce pain and swelling, enhance mobility and improve your quality of life.

An osteopath can also sit down with you and discuss certain lifestyle modifications, supplements and exercises you can do to not only reduce your symptoms and keep them under control but also to improve your quality of life. While managing your symptoms and treating your pain is one of the main goals of an osteopath, we also focus on your mental wellbeing, as well.

Chronic and severe conditions can take a toll on your mental health, and through our lifestyle recommendations and manipulative treatments we hope to provide comforting, compassionate care that treats both the physical symptoms and promotes a healthier mentality.

We know that anxiety and depression are common in those with chronic conditions, which can amplify symptoms and make pain worse. As your osteopath, our goal is to provide tailored and comprehensive therapeutic care to reduce and even eliminate your symptoms while improving your overall wellbeing.


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