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Tennis Elbow: Symptoms and Treatments

Tennis ElbowTennis elbow isn’t just a condition that happens to tennis players; this painful tendon problem can affect anyone, particularly those who perform repetitive motions of the arms and wrists. While this is common in athletes, anyone can deal with tennis elbow including painters and construction workers. How do you know that you have a tennis elbow?
  • You will notice pain in the forearm muscles, typically on the outside of your elbow
  • This pain may also radiate to the forearm and wrist
  • Weakness in your arm, particularly when holding or gripping something
You may find that pain relievers help to reduce your pain; however, if this is something that you continue to deal with for weeks on end, then it’s time to see a doctor. While medication can help to alleviate your symptoms, it won’t be able to treat the underlying problem. This is where turning to an osteopathic doctor for care may be to your advantage.
An osteopath is a medical doctor that is focused on providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment. Instead of just dulling the pain, they focus on the cause and create a treatment plan that helps you move and function without pain and discomfort. While some people may find that tennis elbow goes away on its own, sometimes people (especially older adults) have trouble getting rid of their tennis elbow.
The good news is that osteopathic manipulation is effective for treating tennis elbow. For someone to experience the most benefit from the osteopathic treatment, they will need to come in a couple of times a week for several weeks. Manipulation helps to improve mobility and functionality while also:
  • Boosting blood flow and circulation
  • Speeding up the healing process
  • Reducing inflammation
An osteopath can also provide you with advice on which exercises and physical activities to avoid so that you can give your arm ample time to heal. They can also recommend certain types of recovery exercises you should be doing to help strengthen and improve mobility of the muscles and ligaments of the wrist, forearm, and elbow. There are a variety of manipulative techniques that your osteopath may use including myofascial release and soft-tissue massage.
If you are dealing with tennis elbow and aren’t finding relief through medication or traditional medicine, then you may want to consider seeing an osteopathic doctor for care. 


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