The Importance of Good Posture

Most of us are slumped over our desks day in and day out. So it should come as no surprise that so many people are dealing with lower back pain, as well as neckGood Posture and shoulder problems. Maintaining proper posture is so very important to a happy, healthy body. If you are noticing aches and pains or if your body just isn’t moving with the same ease it once did then you may want to evaluate your posture.

Why is posture so important? Bad posture could be a pretty good indicator that there is a biomechanical or muscular imbalance somewhere in the body. Over time this can cause irritation, pain and swelling of certain parts of the musculoskeletal system. You may find that back pain has become chronic or that you experience more headaches as a result of bad posture. Fortunately, an osteopath can easily evaluate your physical health and determine what areas of the body may be faulty and require osteopathic treatment.

What can an osteopath do for your posture? Besides showing you a variety of exercises that you can perform on a daily basis that can strengthen the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments in the body and help provide better functioning and support, we can also offer up ergonomic recommendations to keep your posture at its best regardless of whether you are hard at work or relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into bad habits when it comes to your posture. Take a second to evaluate how you are sitting at your desk right now and you may finally realize just how bad your posture truly is. By coming in for an osteopathic assessment we can screen you for certain problems and then recommend specific manual therapies to help realign and readjust specific areas of the body to improve blood flow, reduce tension and pain, and make mobility easier and less taxing on the body.

If you just ignore your bad posture this can lead to some pretty serious wear and tear on your body, which can also greatly impact your quality of life. By turning to osteopathic therapy to improve your posture we can also provide you with the peace of mind and relaxation you need to better care for your body for the future. Besides providing you with an array of treatments we also provide you with the knowledge you need to improve and correct your posture and boost your health in the long run.

It’s never too late to turn to an osteopath to get the care your body needs. Most people can benefit from getting an evaluation, whether you are on your feet all day or you work at a desk. Find out the many ways your body could benefit from osteopathy.


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