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Why does it always seem that the only time that we can stop and take care of ourselves is when we get sick? Instead of dealing with sickness when it occurs why not simply provide your body with what it needs to prevent problems in the first place? Yes, preventive care isn’t foolproof, but it can certainly help you stay as healthy as possible and prevent illnesses that could cause you to miss days from work or even land you in the hospital.

How can an osteopath promote better health and wellness?

Healthcare continues to change for the better, providing more of an emphasis on preventative care. An osteopath is a doctor that can provide you with routine care while also recommending simple lifestyle modifications tailored to improving your overall health and well being. An osteopath uses non-invasive manual therapy and other therapeutic options that focus on improving how the body functions as a whole, which includes the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

While osteopathic manipulative medicine can be used to treat a wide range of conditions it can also be used as a preventive or maintenance treatment, and if osteopathic treatment has been used before symptoms even start (as a form of early intervention), this can ensure that problems never arise in the first place. By keeping up with physical exams and preventive checkups on a routine basis we can also discuss any physical changes or symptoms you may be experiencing and address them early on to reduce your risk for dysfunction or injury. This can be particularly valuable for athletes and those who lead a very physically active lifestyle.

In fact, athletes can benefit greatly from having an osteopath that they turn to for regular manual medicine, which can help to strengthen and improve how the musculoskeletal system functions. This non-invasive, hands-on approach can improve blood flow, speed up healing, reduce pain and inflammation, and correct faulty biomechanics within the body without drugs.

An osteopath uses gentle pressure, resistance and stretching to enhance and improve somatic function, and while patients may not see the same immediate benefits from osteopathic medicine as a patient who is dealing with chronic pain or other conditions, maintaining a healthy body through regular osteopathic care can be a major benefit to the patient’s overall health and well being in a way that far surpasses what curative care could do.

If you want to learn more about osteopathic manipulative medicine and how it could improve the way you feel then call an osteopath today to schedule a consultation.


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