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What Types of Pain are There?

No one wants to be in pain and yet all people will experience a specific form of pain at some point during their lifetime. Knowing the kind of pain you are in is importantPain for properly communicating your needs to an osteopath or doctor. Different kinds of pain include:

  • Acute pain (pain that is only temporary)
  • Chronic pain (pain that is persistent and doesn’t go away)
  • Bone pain
  • Tissue pain (this includes tendons, ligaments, muscles, organs and other soft tissue)
  • Nerve pain (often caused by damage to one or more nerves)
  • Referred pain (pain that radiates to other areas of the body)
  • Complete pain (pain that includes physical, mental and emotional elements)

Everyone experiences pain differently and some people may have a higher pain tolerance than others. Being able to know what kind of pain you are in will be able to help us figure out how to best treat your symptoms and underlying problems. It’s also a good idea to take specific notes about your pain as it happens.

Describe in detail how the pain feels (is it stabbing, burning or aching?), where it is if it came about suddenly or appeared over time if anything makes the pain feel better or worse, when the pain showed up and how severe it is.

If you are in pain you may not know exactly what’s going on. This is where an osteopath can truly help you get on the road to recovery. By being able to sit down with an osteopath one-on-one we can help diagnose the cause of your pain and then come up with the non-invasive treatment options for helping treat or manage your pain.

An osteopath’s goal is to improve how your body functions as a whole to improve your physical and mental well-being and your quality of life. By providing an array of different manipulative techniques to all areas of the body, we can improve how all systems within the body function.

We don’t just focus on the source of the pain but how your entire body functions as a whole so we can provide more comprehensive and thorough care. Through stretching, active and passive resistance and applying manual pressure to the musculoskeletal system we can promote faster and more efficient healing to reduce and even eliminate your pain.


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