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  • Osteopathic Treatment During Your Pregnancy
    While aches and pains might just seem like a normal part of pregnancy, it’s not something that women should have to just put up with; however, many do without ever Read more
  • How We Treat Neuralgia
    Neuralgia is the pain that results from damaged nerves. People with neuralgia experience shooting or burning pains, as well as numbness, tingling, or weakness in the area where the damaged Read more
  • Osteopathic Treatment and Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a progressive central nervous system disease that destroys the protective covering over the nerves, which greatly impacts how the brain and spinal cord function. As Read more
  • Treating Your Shoulder Pain
    Noticing shoulder pain whenever you raise your arm above your hand or after certain activities? The shoulder is highly mobile, which also leaves it prone to injury. While shoulder pain Read more
  • What Is Sarcoidosis?
    Chances are good that sarcoidosis isn’t a condition that you’ve heard of before or know much about. That’s because it once used to be rare but is now a fairly Read more
  • The Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy
    Millions of people in the US are dealing with neck and back pain, joint disease, and soft tissue injuries that impact their lives. Many people are dependent on pain medications Read more
  • What Is Sciatica?
    Did you know that the longest nerve in the body is the sciatic nerve, which runs from the spinal cord in the lower back down the leg to the foot? Read more
  • Getting Help for Your Whiplash
    Whether you were recently in a car accident or experienced a head or neck injury from a sports-related accident or bad fall, you may be dealing with whiplash as a Read more
  • What Is a Nerve Block?
    Are you dealing with nerve pain? If so, then you understand just how severe your pain can get. If you are having trouble getting nerve pain under control with rest, Read more
  • How Stress Affects the Body
    Every time you’re rushing to finish an assignment on deadline, you get a call from your child’s school, or you’re dealing with rush hour traffic, something in your brain triggers Read more
  • Osteopathic Treatment for Night Sweats
    Are you waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? While the occasional bout of night sweats may simply mean that you need to turn down the Read more
  • Posture and Back Pain
    Are you one of the millions of Americans dealing with chronic or recurring back pain? While there are many reasons why you might be dealing with back pain, sometimes the Read more
  • What Is Causing My Lower Back Pain?
    From poor posture to days spent hunched over a desk, there are many reasons why you may be experiencing lower back pain. Of course, you could just pop another pain Read more
  • Treating Muscle Cramps
    We all get muscle cramps from time to time. Maybe our feet cramp up when placed into tight shoes or high heels, or we experience muscle cramps after an intense Read more
  • Osteopathy and Sleep
    Sleep problems are no joke. If you’re dealing with weeks of tossing and turning you could, like millions of Americans, be dealing with insomnia. So what is the best way Read more
  • Tennis Elbow: Symptoms and Treatments
    Tennis elbow isn’t just a condition that happens to tennis players; this painful tendon problem can affect anyone, particularly those who perform repetitive motions of the arms and wrists. While Read more


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